More than a decade: From Javazone to Bohemia

This journey in the fine arts and crafts began more than two decades ago. I begin as a self-taught artist learning new techniques of making jewelry and batik painting with wax on linen, while took graphic design classes in art school in Lima, PerĂº.
I was convinced that I was influenced by my culture that I wanted to represent it through my art. I put all of this techniques into only one vision, and began to exhibit my artwork in art shows.
My first gallery in 2000 was named Javazone. Some of the artworks that I was making was handmade jewelry, oil paintings, tie dye shirts, home candles, batik lampshades and Batik pillow covers ...."I want to capture ideas from my culture and represent it into all type of art media in a new contemporary style"...
In 2010 I opened the first virtual gallery Bohemia Art & Design to showcase and share with everyone the passion that evolves me into who I am, and that inspires me to make every piece I create.
I hope you enjoy your visit in the Gallery,

Maria del Pilar Arrieta

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